Sexism in Sports SUCKS

Question: If girls and women can “fit” into “men’s shoes” if they are “game” doing so, if they like them, if they earn money to pay for them, if they buy them, WHAT MAKES THEM “MEN’S SHOES”? 

How is it possible that  31,000 square foot NIKE store in a major soccer market has no women’s soccer shoes???  41 % of the 14.1 million soccer players in the US are female and that number is growing. What does NIKE do? In store: ZERO ”women’s” soccer shoes with at least 24 for “boys and men.” Online? Three girls/11 women’s soccer shoes; five boys/76 men’s.  But, surely, we would find shoes “Right upstairs!” in the Men’s Department on the way to which we walk by photos of Hope Solo’s stylish clothes. Visibility is important but not this kind. Women athletes deserve more in terms of recognition and visibility for their athletic talents and prominence as athletes

  • Coverage of women’s sports on television has declined since 1989
  • Between 2004 and 2008 media companies reduced the percentage of women’s sports broadcasted from 6.3 percent to 1.6. percent.
  • A 2011,20-year study reveals that 100 percent of lead stories are about men’s sports and 72 percent of all stories.
  • I won’t get into dismal details about women commentators and experts, except to say that ESPN, which has a predictably depressing representation of women, actually had this as a customer feedback dropdown on its: “Commentator — dislike female commentators.” Humour me again and substitute “female” with “male,” “Black,” “Jewish,” “Gay.”
  • By age 14 girls are now dropping out of sports at twice the rate that boys do.

Selling fashion lines instead of sports equipment to girls and women isn’t a good idea. 

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    I used to wear boys shoes in high school. My god the arguments (I _hated_ the black formal women’s shoes, they were...
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    It’s really a problem whenever I try to find cleats. Men have a vast majority of a lot cooler looking cleats…while girls...
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    As a smaller lady in the wildlife field, I can say I’ve had similar problems buying gear, ESPECIALLY clothes and...
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